Telehealth: VSee Instructions

Schedule an appointment

An invite will be sent via email with the link:

Either click on the link directly from the email or from the website.

Click “Free Sign Up” to begin the registration process.

Input the data to complete your signup and click register.

Input the signup data screen

After you’ve signed up you will be directed to download the app.

Link to download the app

You will be prompted to login (Click “Login”):

Login screen screenshot

The next step is the webcam setup:

Webcam setup screenshot

A speaker test is done next. Then hit “Done” to complete the setup:

The "Done" screen screenshot

You can then go directly to the call or answer the video call later by clicking on the app.

Starting the video call screenshot

You will be instructed to wait for the provider’s call. When it rings, click on the app and click the icon of a camera to start the video call.