About Us

Our practice philosophy is one of a team approach to healthcare in which we coordinate with specialists, ancillary services such as outpatient physical therapy and home health care, and a variety of insurance plans to ensure that our patients are receiving that best care possible.

As an advocate for your health, we encourage the development of a long term relationship with our medical team, one in which we can better address the growing needs of our patients and the community we serve. And, one in which we, as a team, can partner with our patients to facilitate increased participation in their own health care by developing an individualized healthcare plan for each of our patients.

Use the patient portal — it’s excellent! I have called directly into the office; they are always very courteous, professional, and response is in a timely fashion.

Patient of Dr. Salada

Our medical practice is dynamic and ever-changing in order to improve the quality of care that we provide to all of our patients, their families, and the larger community that we serve.

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