Ask Dr. Salada: Can Exercise Help Get My Blood Pressure Down? — High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a very common occurrance, especially as people age. Left untreated, it could lead to a number of serious health issues, including stroke and kidney disease.

Doctor-patient relationship — The relationship between doctor and patient is a core component to healthcare and is crucial for providing high quality care which includes the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Healthy bones — Bone loss occurs naturally with age, so it is important to understand the measures that you need to take in order to keep building your bone mass as you age.

Important patient information — Dr. Salada and her staff have compiled a list of information about the practice in order to provide the best service for patients.

Movement. Good medicine for joints — Studies have shown that exercise may help in the treatment and prevention of osteoarthritis.

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Total Gym Addresses Exercise Woes of Seasonal Allergy Sufferers -- Over 36 million Americans suffer from some type of seasonal allergy. Total Gym delivers a full-body workout which can be done in the allergy-free environment of your own home.

Your spine, your health -- The spine is a complex network of bones, disks, and joints, the job of which is to protect your spinal cord. All the parts of your spine need to function properly to ensure that you can enjoy all of your day to day activities.